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New tracks playlist !



'Waving Blues'. Instrumental track with bassist Steve York, Patrick Buchmann on drums, Lisa York on keyboards and myself.

Check Steve's biog here :  STEVE YORK


The Gibson guitars WWII Kalamazoo Gals story continues...

French T.V documentary featuring my friend John Thomas.


 2020 Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin, cancellation


The 2020 Holy Grail Guitar Show cancelled due to the Covid 19. I was going to host two symposiums on recording guitars with producer Steven Forward and a guitar demo for Matt Proctor from M-Tone Guitars. Tania Spalt, the event coordinator managed to save the day by setting up an online event.

Check the videos and links below :


M Tone Guitars . Holy Grail Couch Show


Recording Guitar. Producer Steve Forward and guitarist Mike Cahen

The Holy Grail Couch Show




Symposiums and conferences with British producer Steve Forward.



The Jazz Trio back at l'Assemblée Nationale for 2 gigs in December.


New album ! 'Acoustic and Electric guitar compilation 1'.

Listen to the tracks here ! Album Promo Player


 Session work: Track with Krishna Black Eagle


 Ticket to ride




My Baby Blues Festival . Playing with two talented ladies:  Ina Forsman and Katarina Pejak.


 Ina Forsman


 Katarina Pejak










Recording in Spain.

VL Effects amp validation.


Coast to Coast: 'Like an Angel' instrumental version. Speegra records.

Coast to Coast album Logo Cover design by :


Listen to the tracks here! : Coast to Coast 'Like an Angel' Instrumental album




Rotosound strings endorsement.

Thks to Jason How, Zack Frederick and Julien Carlier.


 Acoustic session with guests Mox Gowland on Harmonica and Marten Ingle on bass. Mox was part of the British « Blues Boom » and has played with renowned blues artists including : Alexis Korner, Davy Graham, Peter Green, John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Ike & Tina Turner.



Playing my Greyhound Guitars ST Custom guitar.


                   Acoustic duo gigs in the South of France in Montpellier & Remoulins.                         

Soundcheck with guitarist Pascal Corriu in Montpellier.

I've known Pascal since we met at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles.

             During the concert singer songwriter Chris Gonzales with whom Pascal and myself have worked with came to jam.


New album tracks :  Instrumentals produced and arranged by Steven Forward




Demo for Daguet Guitars at Guitare Village, Domont

Visual by: Martney Communications



Workshop at UPEM- LACT. (Marne la Vallée University)

 Visual by : Martney Communications




The 'Kalamazoo Gals' WWII Gibson guitar project update.


 The story of extraordinary women & Gibson's Banner guitars of WWII. presented by John Thomas.


'Mike's Music Connection' II workshop/clinic at Studio Bleu rehearsal studios, Paris.

Guests : Vincent Loret from VL Effects Custom Shop presenting the High Tone VL20 handwired amp.




'Mike's Music Connection' I workshop at Studio Bleu rehearsal studios, Paris

Guests:  Alain Decampos (drums) and Marten Ingle (bass)

Vincent Loret from VL Effects Custom Shop presenting the new 20w High Tone amp featuring 6V6 power tubes.




The Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin .

 Demos for M Tone Guitars (U.S), Daguet Guitars (Fr), Ergon Guitars (P) and San Lorenzo Guitars (Fr)




One of the highlights of the 2018 Holy Grail Guitar show was meeting Fretboard Magazine author John Thomas.

John brought two guitars to the show: A WWII 'Kalamazoo Gals' Gibson featured in the short video below and another acoustic destined for Eric Clapton.








  • 2021


My Baby Blues Festival, Montbeliard.


  • 2020


Duo concerts with Van Wilks to announced

Holy Grail Guitar Show demo for M-Tone Guitars




 l'Assemblée Nationale



Marten Ingle Band


Blues Caravan concert. Festival des Moles. Montbeliard, France. Website

Saturdays : Workshops at Studio Bleu.

  • MAY

Acoustic concert with guests Mox Gowland and Marten Ingle


2 acoustic gigs with special guest Phil Clark (vocals/guitar)


Marten Ingle Band concert


Concert with Alain Decampos (drums), Roger Inniss (bass), Jak Bouniard (kbds)