The Soul & Country Band

The Soul and Country band



  • A blend of Americana, Soul & Country                                    






Alison Young   Marty Vickers   Perry Leopard

   Alison Young                 Marty Vickers                   Perry Leopard

Mike Cahen  

             Mike Cahen                                 Marten Ingle














  •  Marten Ingle: Bass, Guitar, Vocals. San Mateo, California, arranger and producer. Website

  • Alison Young: Vocals, Ukelélé. New Orleans. Website.

  • Marty Vickers: Drums. Canada

  • Perry Leopard: Vocals,Guitar, Harmonica. Alabama. Facebook

  • Mike Cahen: Guitarist, vocals. London. Facebook





Soul & Country : BEL7 INFOS POST

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