Californian bassist Marten Ingle has been writing, singing, playing, recording, producing music with a number of International Artists:

Percy Sledge, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Gabrielle Lazure, Yasuaki Shimizu, Yuma Sumac, Elliot Murphy, Gary Christian, Louis Bertignac, Jean Louis Aubert.



I've always enjoyed playing or working with Marten, he's a great musician, composer and singer, and is always inspired and ready to experiment. 

  • The Marten Ingle Quarktet

Marten Ingle: Vocals, bass.

Mike Cahen: Guitar.

Mar Todani : Guitar


Chris Erbstroesser: Keyboards

Danny Montgomery, Amaury Blanchard or Rodolphe Perroquin: drums






"I'm a Tree" from Marten's 'Faraway Radioland' album here performed by the Quarktet:

Marten Ingle: vocals, bass. Mike Cahen: guitar. Chris Erbstroesser: keyboards. Rodolphe Perroquin: drums
at Le Pitchtime in Dourdon, France

Video by Marten Ingle




The 'Brace of Pistols' is another line up featuring Japanese guitarist Mar Todani from Hiroshima, veteran session and touring drummer Amaury Blanchard, Marten and Mike Cahen.